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Matthew Crook from Kendal

My ex wife and I used Fast House Sale Buyer to sell our home when we decided to divorce, we both wanted to move on as quickly as possible and with the current housing market being very slow we decided that Fast House Sale Buyer would be the best option for us. The staff we spoke to were very helpful and we had our home sold within a week. 

Ryan Smith from London 

I sold my home with Fast House Sale Buyer when I was offered a job opportunity in America, I only had 4 weeks in which to complete my move and I wanted the money from selling my home to help me set up in America. Selling my home with Fast House Sale Buyer enabled me to have the cash in my hand before I moved meaning I didn’t need to worry about anything once I was over there.

Kate and Paul Firth from Portsmouth 

We put our home on the market about 8 months ago when we decided to start a family, our two bedroom home would just not be big enough. We spent time looking for a new home and as we hadn’t seen anything we like it didn’t matter too much that our home had only had a few viewings. About 2 months ago the perfect home came on the market and we decided that if we left our home on the market we may miss out on our dream home. We looked online for other ways to sell our home and came across your quick house sale company and after speaking to a member of their team we decided to sell our home with them. The service we received was excellent. 

Maureen and Christopher from Prestwick, Ayrshire 

My husband was recently made redundant and after working out our finances we realised that we would be unable to maintain our mortgage payments and so we decided to sell our home and downsize. We wanted to sell our home quickly to save on the stress of maintaining our current mortgage payments. Fast House Sale Buyer were very efficient and we had the cash in our hands within a week. 

Hannah Knight from Penzance, Cornwall

I sold my home with Fast House Sale Buyer when I wanted to release the equity in my house to start my own business. The staff I spoke with were very helpful and I would use them again if I ever needed too.